mrdcompany s.r.l. Sede legale via Pietro Mascagni 20 , 20122 MILANO. Sede Amministrativa e Operativa Viale dell'Unione Europea, 8 - 21013 Gallarate VA P.IVA  10006580962, R.E.A. MI - 2127487, Capitale Sociale € 20.000, tel +39 0331 791940 fax +39 0331 773919

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We are proud of our dreamers, that everyday help our clients to reach their dreams.


man/hour experience

We have an experienced 

team in several fields of technology, engineering & innovation.



We have guided our clients successfully in more than 100 patents and 500 different product codes.

Since 1991, we have been

helping big and small brands to bring innovative concepts to the market.

Our clients

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We conceptualize and develop highly innovative products with high levels of specialization.

Our Expertise Areas

Medical Care

Home Appliances




(audio & video)



Security & Automation

Energy Management

Coffee & Vending Machines

Billing & Control

Low Voltage Management & Control


Our facilities

Gallarate, VA, Italy

Mrdcompany's Headquarters is located in Gallarate, in which the following activities are performed: Marketing, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Financing.

Cosenza, CA, Italy

Mrdcompany's main plant is located in the Cosenza. With powerful machines and a great R&D team, we are able to 

Milan, Italy

Mrdcompany's Sales Office is located in Milan, .

Foggia, PU, Italy

Our fourth office is located in the south of Italy. 

Our contact information

​​​Address:     viale Dell'Unione Europea 8

21013 Gallarate (VA)



Phone:       +39 0331 791940​

Fax ​:          +39 0331 773919