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Pirelli Connesso

The smart tyre that interacts with

the driver

Pirelli Connesso is the first integrated tyre platform which by exploiting a sensor embedded in the tread groove and connected via an app interfaces with the driver providing key information.

How does it work?

Connesso has a complex architecture but is easy to use. A sensor embedded in the tyre groove is connected to a control unit and to a smartphone running an app, which is connected to the Pirelli Cloud, in turn. 

 The driver is informed by means of alerts when the pressure of one or more tyres is no longer correct or when the wear limit is approaching. In both cases, by using a geopositioning system, the app can locate the closest available workshop and directly book an appointment to have the pressure adjusted or the tyres replaced. The system is easy to use and handy .All information appears directly on the driver's smartphone.